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JP Nagar | Koramangala


An INSPIRING social space for individuals to meet, dream, COLLABORATE, share and implement IDEAS .

At Dialogues, you experience an INNOVATIVE pricing concept where you pay for time and consume everything for free.



High speed wifi, delicious snacks and beverages, good books to read, board games to play. At Dialogues, you are free to bring your own food. We also provide fully equipped board room facilities for meetings and workshops.


Dialogues is highly inspiring with aesthetic environment allowing to “be yourself”.Dialogues promises a calm and quiet environment away from a noisy city environment and ensures highly productive environment.


At Dialogues, you get to meet and share your ideas with like-minded people. We host multiple creative events and workshops at Dialogues where you can participate and get involved with a very active community.



220 for the first hour
After the 1st hour, 3 rupees/min
Maximum : 1000 rupees in a day.


Book board room and glass rooms for meetings/workshops
Buy transferable 100 manhours for INR 15000.


Monthly pass for INR 5000
Weekly pass for INR 3400
Bulk hour packages for 15 hours, 20 hours.


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Ankit Gupta - Team Dialogues

Ankit Gupta

Ankit is the yin to the yang of the dynamic idealism that runs through Dialogues. Sincere and steadfast, it’s hard to oppose his solid logical grounding. He is amiable and makes anybody feel at ease. He was shaped by the exposure he got to different types of people he met in engineering college (ISM Dhanbad) and by the beauty of the city of Paris when he did his MBA. His superpower is his very rare combination of logical, people-driven trustworthiness.

Udai Kiran - Team Dialogues

Udai Kiran

Driven by passion and hard work, Udai is the hunter amongst the gatherers at Dialogues. Growing up in the city, he was infused with Delhi’s vibrant multi-faceted energy, and it reverberates in everything he does. Quirky, social and fast-paced, Udai is driven and likes to get the job done while making it an enjoyable, memorable experience for everyone involved. He works hard and plays harder. His philosophy in finding goodness in every person keeps him going.

Vikas Chandra - Team Dialogues

Vikas Chandra

A poet, a dreamer, a philosopher and a flaneur, Vikas is an attractive blend of cynicism and faith. His hill station schooling, voracious reading habits and nomadic tendency of travelling alone to the nooks and crannies of the Himalayas turned him into a dynamic force of unique ideas and unmatched conviction, harnessing a dream to make sure every life is seen as equally beautiful. He is like a spike of coffee – powered in the mornings, positive and high spirited.

Saurabh Priya - Team Dialogues

Saurabh Priya

Saurabh is a devoted and a cheerful power source to Dialogues. He is a true engineer: logical and analytical problem solver who evangelizes that technology is a way of solving all the world problems. Saurabh has stayed in different parts of the world but his best days were his engineering days, spent in the high-spirited city of Bangalore. Saurabh is a thoughtful leader who leads by setting examples through collaboration.


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