What is Dialogues ?

Dialogues is a social place where people can meet, dream discuss and share ideas. It is a social experiment intended to bring likeminded people together. It is a place which becomes the way you want it to be. It can be a café, a cyber café, a class room, a workplace, a games parlour, a library, a corporate board room.

Who is the audience ?

Any one who dreams. A poet, an aritist, an entrepreneur, a nowhere man, a tramp, a student. We are open to anyone from a 12 year old entrepreneur to a 60 year old student.

Why would I come to Dialogues?

The place is highly inspiring with aesthetic environment allowing to “be yourself”. Dialogues promises a calm and quiet environment away from a noisy Kormangala environment. We take care of the basics like good coffee, tea, snacks, cereals, high speed wifi, good books to read. You can bring your own food and order food from outside by giving Dialogues address. You also get to meet and share your ideas with likeminded individuals.

How much do I pay to be at Dialogues?

Its quite simple. Rs. 190 for first hour then Rs. 3 per minute. The max you pay in a day is Rs.1000/-. We also have an exciting pricing policy where more you stay, less you pay and more people you are along, less you pay.

What are other facilities at Dialogues?

We have a special board room which can be reserved by you where you can present the business plan or a concept or an idea. The pricing is simple where you pay Rs. 1500 per hour. The facilities of Dialogues like books, wifi, free coffee etc. can be availed at the cost.